This World War II Veteran Returned to the Battlefield at 95

When World War II veteran Ernie Ferguson served in the war, he was only a teenager. Even at such a young age, he saw things in a month that most will not experience in a lifetime. The horrors he saw, however, did not stop him from going back.

During the Pacific War Battle of Peleliu, Ferguson was a young Marine with his whole life ahead of him. Unfortunately, many of those who served with him gave their lives on that bloody beach.

Nearly 10,000 Americans died in the battle of Peleliu. Over seven decades later, Ernie Ferguson decided to go back. Accompanied by his son and moving a little slower at 95, he walked the same beach he fought on all those years ago.

The experience was emotional and moving. The reason he went back? After 75 years of living with the memory, he wanted to walk that hallowed ground to pay his respects to those who didn’t make it home. He never forgot the sacrifices made, and neither should we.


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