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Hero Spotlight: Romay Davis — She Overcame Segregation and Sexism in WWII

Romay Davis is an incredible American. She represented the fight for equality before it was a national discussion. She was an important figure in breaking down walls of segregation prior to the civil rights movement. She represented the struggle for women’s rights before the women’s rights movement. She was an instrument of change in a time in which change was greatly needed. This is why Romay Davis gets this month’s Hero Spotlight.

Davis was part of an extremely important WWII unit known as The Six Triple Eight. In addition to their role in the war, this unit broke down barriers in a time of segregation and gender inequality. Learn more about the Six Triple Eight here. The service of Romay Davis and other brave women of color changed our world for the better and must be recognized.

Unfortunately, these heroes were denied the honors they should have received decades ago until President Biden signed a bill authorizing the Congressional Gold Medal for the Six Triple Eight. Romay was honored in a special event at the age of 102. See more about her service and the recognition she received nearly 80 years later in the video below.

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