Korean War Veterans Remember “The Forgotten War”

YouTube / Mesa County Libraries

In the early 1950s, young men fresh out of high school, many of whom had never left their home state, were transported to a world that was not their own to fight in the Korean War. This was not the life that many of them had envisioned for themselves. Those who were drafted did not choose the battlefield, but they did not hesitate to answer the call. These were men, both black and white, from a segregated America who stood together as brothers. They encountered a sea of refugees as well as both allies and enemies from across cultural lines. They battled not only the enemy but freezing cold temperatures, fear, and extreme stress.

These men were heroes of what is sometimes known as “the forgotten war.” It’s true that the Korean War doesn’t get as big a section in the history books as World War 2 or Vietnam. It is also true that those who served made great sacrifices and deserve to be remembered for their actions. Many Korean War veterans live among us today. They don’t brag about their service or seek acknowledgment, but the rest of us would do well to know their story and show them that the war is not truly forgotten and neither are they.

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