Korean War Veteran Receives Purple Heart at 92

This Korean War Veteran earned his Purple Heart 70 years ago but did not receive it until now. He was drafted at age 18 and wounded in Korea. Even now, at the age of 92, he still carries the shrapnel from an enemy grenade. It was that injury that earned Clarence Didion the Purple Heart in 1951. However, he never actually received the medal.

Fortunately, with the help of a good friend, Clarence finally received his medal. Watch the video below from WTOL11 News to see part of the ceremony and the emotional reaction to this hero finally getting what he earned.

YouTube/ WTOL11

It’s hard to believe that our veterans can go so long without getting what they earned. It, however, is not uncommon. Take a look at our post about a WWII Vet finally receiving his medals at 99. We believe that all members of the greatest generation should get what they earned. That’s why we support The Greatest Generation Benefits act. If you agree that these great Americans should get what they are owed, please sign our petition.