World War II Veteran Finally Gets his Medals at Age 99

World War II veteran honored with medals
Via Pixabay

More than 77 years ago, Sgt. 1st Class Marvin Cornett played an instrumental role in the capture of Sicily. He engaged in a daring combat jump in heavy rain and the darkness of night during the Allied invasion. Afterward, Cornett was wounded in a combat mission at Anzio on Jan. 31, 1944. His injuries pulled him from the battlefield. This World War II vet earned his Purple Heart and Bronze Star Medal. Unfortunately, he received neither.

Due to processing errors, his paperwork was misplaced and he was not awarded the medals he deserved. That is until a ceremony held at American Legion Post 84, in Auburn, California righted this wrong. Donning the same uniform he wore more than half a century ago, Cornett received his medals at the age of 99 surrounded by fellow service members and others celebrating his service. Read more about the award ceremony and this great World War II hero’s service here.

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