How The Greatest Generation Benefits Act Can Impact Social Security Benefits For Many Americans 

The Greatest Generation Benefits Act
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When it comes to retirement benefits, those who lived through WWII and the Korean war are not receiving what they earned. Those who served on the frontlines may get medals and praise, or a thank you, but often, little more than that. Whether on the frontlines of war or taking care of the homefront, members of the greatest generation gave so much for this country and deserve so much more. We believe that it is beyond time to give back. 

What is the Greatest Generation?

When we think of the greatest generation, we tend to think of veterans and war heroes. While the sacrifices made in war are immense and should be respected, there is a broader picture to look at as well. During World War 2 and Korea, Americans united both at home and abroad to ensure our continuing freedom. It wasn’t just those fighting overseas but those holding everything together back home that were so important. This is why we honor and cherish every American we have left from this time in our history.

Why these Americans Need Social Security Reform

Unfortunately, even though this generation gave so much, they do not get what they earned in retirement. It is hard to imagine that those who helped bring the country through World War II are now struggling with poverty due to low Social Security benefits. This is, however, an unfortunate reality for many of these older Americans. Social Security is simply not enough to live on alone. To make matters worse, we are talking about a benefit that has already been paid for and those who earned it are not getting what they deserve. It is hard to understand that those who gave so much for this country are being denied what they earned.

How The Greatest Generation Benefits Act Can Help

Social Security Benefits for older Americans have been unacceptably low for far too long. COLA increases amount to practically nothing against inflation. The bill we call The Greatest Generation Benefits Act would bring a major benefits increase to Americans 82 and over. This plan includes an additional $85 a month plus an annual increase that is more than three times the COLA for 2021. We feel that this is the best chance for members of the greatest generation to get what they have earned. If you agree, please take a moment to sign our petition to congress. Take a look at the results of our latest survey to see what others are saying about this important legislation.

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