The Greatest Generation Deserves More

greatest generation
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Members of the greatest generation deserve far more than they receive in retirement. These are the Americans who carried us through World War II and the Korean Conflict. It is a travesty for those who gave so much for this country to be forgotten in old age.  We must do better. 

What is the Greatest Generation?

The greatest generation refers to Americans who lived through World War II and the Korean War. These men and women were instrumental in preserving our freedoms and promoting democracy around the world. Imagine how the world would look today if Americans had not fought Hitler, Tojo, and Mao, on the frontlines and protected everything we value on the home front. 

Why Social Security isn’t Enough

While these Americans did so much for America and the world, they seem to be forgotten today. At least, this seems to be the case when it comes to Social Security Benefits. Unfortunately, these benefits do not provide enough to live on alone. Therefore, many great Americans are essentially living in poverty while our government looks the other way. 

What about COLA?

If Social Security is not enough, COLA should help, right? After all, the Cost-of-Living Adjustment is intended to make sure benefits stay current with Inflation. In reality, COLA continues to fail older Americans. The annual increase does not take into account the real costs to seniors. COLA simply is not sufficient to provide for many of our seniors. We need real sustainable change.

Change for Older Americans

We believe that a bill we call The Greatest Generation Benefits Act is the change older Americans need. This bill would provide a significant increase to Social security benefits monthly and guarantee a minimum 4 percent increase every year after. This legislation would be life-changing for so many Americans. If you agree that the greatest generation deserves more, please sign our petition to Congress.

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