Seniors Need the Greatest Generation Benefits Act

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Image via Pixabay

We are more than halfway through 2022. Soon we’ll hear another cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) announcement that simply leaves our seniors without the benefits they need. This has been going on for far too long and still, no major action has been taken on the bill we call the Greatest Generation Benefits Act. We can no longer ignore this issue and must push Congress to act!

Senior citizens need the benefits this bill provides. Furthermore, these are the benefits they already EARNED. It is time to do what’s right.

The Greatest Generation Benefits Act guarantees:

1. Retirees age 82 and older get a monthly Social Security increase of $85.  This raise will be legally mandated and guaranteed by the United States Congress.

2. These good people who did the MOST for America and who are getting the LEAST during retirement will receive an additional $85 a month plus a 4 percent annual benefits increase as soon as this legislation passes.

3. Americans 82 or older will have more money to offset inadequate COLAs, rising healthcare costs, and skyrocketing inflation.

4. The senior citizens who sacrificed and made America the proud country it is today will finally get the financial security and retirement protection they deserve!

The people who did the most for our country, America’s greatest generation, seem to always get the least during their retirement. The members of the greatest generation helped make America the great nation it is today. Our elected officials should take better care of these retired Americans. Without The Greatest Generation Benefits Act, too many retired Americans will continue receiving unacceptably low Social Security benefits.

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