Forgotten Heroes: The Trials of The Greatest Generation

Forgotten heroes
Via Pixabay

Are members of the greatest generation our forgotten heroes? Have we abandoned those who gave so much to ensure our freedom? We need to take a closer look at this situation and do what’s right.

Who is The Greatest Generation?

The term “the greatest generation” was originally coined by Tom Brokaw and popularized in his 1998 book to refer to those who lived through the challenges of World War II. He probably did not expect the phrase to become such a significant part of the American lexicon, however, it clearly resonated with the American people. Many of us connect to the phrase because, as we look at our world, it is clear that something was different then.

Why Do We Call Them The Greatest Generation?

First, it is important to clarify that the great American spirit embodied by the greatest generation lives on today. We certainly honor the work and sacrifice of those who protect our freedoms right now. The reason we call these Americans “the greatest generation” is because of what they were faced with and how they responded. WWII was a massive threat, but Americans at home and overseas came together. Many who served through this threat to freedom stepped up again to fight in the Korean War. Some even went on to serve in Vietnam. This generation always answered the call.

What Went Wrong?

In many ways, our culture has changed over the last several decades. While Americans on the homefront came together and sacrificed for the war effort during WWII, later generations seem to have shifted priorities. This is not inherently a bad thing, as cultures evolve. However, when it comes to the mistreatment of Vietnam vets or forgetting about our heroes completely, it’s a problem. Sadly, some of our greatest Americans are left in poverty by a system that seems to have forgotten their sacrifice.

How to Help Our Forgotten Heroes

We believe that it is completely wrong for those who gave so much to be abandoned in their older years. Unfortunately, that is exactly what is happening. Not only are many veterans lacking important social and community resources, but those who rely on Social Security benefits are not getting enough to live on. Those who gave the most should not get the least! This is why we demand Congress pass The Greatest Generation Benefits Act. This legislation would go a long way to show our heroes that they have not been forgotten. Sign our petition to tell Congress you still remember.