WWII Vet Starts Scooter Club at Retirement Home

Scooter Club
Via Pixabay

97-year-old WWII vet Mel Hays started a club in his retirement home that continues to bring smiles to his community. Hays has a history of taking initiative and helping those in need. As a World War 2 fighter pilot, he served his country bravely. While his fighting days may be in the past, his spirit for helping is very much alive.

When Ole Barker said that her husband, Bert who is bound to a mobility Scooter, loves to take day trips outside, but needs someone to go with him, Mel decided to help. Hays needs a scooter himself to get around but went with Barker to help navigate. Barker had so much fun on the short trip, that Hays offered to take him again. This was the beginning of Mel’s decision to start a scooter club.

This club allows residents to get out and enjoy nature as well as each other’s company. The group has grown to 8-12 people who regularly take trips up to 5 miles. These scooter day trips are becoming more and more popular. In fact, while more residents are joining, other retirement homes in the area are considering starting their own clubs. Check out the full story and video on Oklahoma News 4.

This is an awesome story and a perfect example of why people like Mel Hays are called the greatest generation. As a WWII Vet, he fought and even survived a plane crash in his days as a fighter pilot. Now, at 97, he still doesn’t miss an opportunity to help. This is why we think it’s so important to give back to these great Americans who gave so much. Check out what we are doing to help here.

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