Why Do We Celebrate Veterans Day on November 11th?

Veterans Day
Via Pixabay

Veterans Day is November 11th. This is a great time to recognize those who gave so much for our country and for freedom around the globe. The origins of the holiday are rooted in World War I. Of course, it grew into something much more.

World War I was called “The War to End All Wars.” As we know, however, it sadly didn’t quite work out that way. The war famously came to an end on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.

In recognition of this important event, “Armistice Day” came to be. Armistice Day was both a celebration of the end of fighting and a day to memorialize those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Armistice Day first became a national holiday in 1938, but the impending shadow of World War II led to a shift in how we view the day. The celebration of the end of World War I continued as an annual tradition but was overshadowed by a new war.

In 1947, World War II Veteran Raymond Weeks organized a “National Veterans Day” to honor all veterans. This expanded the November 11th holiday beyond the First World War. As this celebration became more popular, President Eisenhower eventually signed a bill into law in 1954 proclaiming November 11th as Veterans Day.

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