When Georgia Police Showed up at an Elderly Woman’s House, She Couldn’t Have Guessed This Would Happen

Georgia police
Via Pexels

An 84-year-old homeowner recently got a surprise from the Savanah Georgia police department. Sgt. Andy Arnsdorff and Officer Jeff Crosby paid the woman a visit for a very unexpected reason.

The two law enforcement officers actually took extra time after their 12-hour shifts to go to this particular residence. While we might think of a visit from the police as not necessarily positive, these two were there for a very good reason.

It turns out that they had noticed that the elderly woman had not been able to keep up with things around her home. Her grass had gotten tall, the weeds were out of control, and ants were becoming a problem.

Sgt. Arnsdorff and Officer Crosby changed out of their uniforms and took care of the woman’s yard with weed killer, ant spray, and a riding lawnmower. Read more about this random act of kindness on WSAV news. The full story can be found here.

It is wonderful to see people give back to our older Americans who have given so much. This is why we support a Congressional bill we call The Greatest Generation Benefits Act. Learn more about this bill and sign our petition here.