Why The Greatest Generation Benefits Act is so Important

Greatest Generation Benefits Act
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Those who gave the most should not get the least. That is the basis of The Greatest Generation Benefits Act. Americans who worked, fought, and sacrificed during World War II and the Korean Conflict deserve better.

Older Americans Don’t Get What They Earned

Many older Americans find that they struggle to afford their basic needs after retiring. This is largely because we are led to believe that Social Security will be there for us in our retirement years. Of course, it makes sense to think that these benefits would take care of us in our older years. After all, if you spend your adult life paying into a system like Social Security, you expect to get out what you put in. Unfortunately, retirees do not get everything they earned in Social Security benefits. Many older Americans find that they don’t have enough to live on after decades spent working.

Heroes Should Not Be Forgotten

Sadly, those who often suffer the most from low benefits are members of the greatest generation. These are the men and women who lived through, and brought the country through, World War II and the Korean War. From the heroes who fought on the front lines to those who kept things running at home, our nation would not be the same without their efforts. It is completely unacceptable that those who gave the most end up getting the least! Those who did so much for America should not be forgotten when it’s time for retirement.

Why We Need The Greatest Generation Benefits Act

Social Security benefits have been far too low for far too long. Cost-of-living Adjustment (COLA) increases have done little to make retirement more affordable. While the cost of living goes up, benefits barely move. Now, as inflation skyrockets with no clear end in sight, something must change. We believe that The Greatest Generation Benefits Act is the best option to help many seniors live comfortably in retirement. Under this legislation, Americans 82 and over would receive an extra $85 per month plus a 4 percent increase annually. Learn more about this important act and sign our petition here. For the latest updates on this and more, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.