Social Security is Not Going to Cut It for Struggling Seniors!

Social Security Benefits increase
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Senior citizens In the United States do not receive sufficient Social Security benefits after retirement. These Americans are struggling with serious financial burdens and significant challenges. This situation has to be addressed now.

Low Social Security Benefits Are Challenging for Seniors

For many retired Americans, it’s surprising to find out how little they have to live on after paying into Social Security for most of their lives. How is it that men and women in this country work and sacrifice for decades only to not receive everything they earned in retirement? Social Security benefits should provide enough to cover the basic needs of senior citizens. Sadly, this is not the case with our current Social Security system.

Why Doesn’t COLA Do More?

The Cost-Of-Living Adjustment (COLA) is very important for seniors. The idea of COLA is to make sure retirement income is fair for Social Security recipients. Unfortunately, however, it fails miserably at this. Facing the challenges of inflation, COLA needs to keep up, and sadly it doesn’t. As prices increase, benefits must also increase. While COLA should be the solution, the increase is not enough to offset rising costs. COLA has failed Americans long enough.

The Greatest Generation Benefits Act Changes Everything

The great Americans who did so much during WWII and the Korean War are often the ones who get the least in retirement. These Americans should not have to suffer from low retirement benefits. Important legislation we call The Greatest Generation Benefits Act would change everything. If passed, this bill would increase the monthly benefits of retirees age 82 and older by $85 per month as well as 4 percent each subsequent year.

How You Can Help American Seniors

This change needs to happen now! It won’t happen though, without support. We have been working to show Congress that Americans want this change. Still, there is no movement on the bill. You can help show your support by signing our petition and telling Congress it’s time for Social Security reform!

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