If This Congressional Bill Passes, It Will Have a Huge Impact on Social Security Retirement Benefits

Congressional bill for seniors
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Social Security retirement benefits are an important lifeline for many Americans. For many who rely on these benefits, however, it can be hard to get by on Social Security alone. One Congressional bill may change things in a big way. There has been a lot of talk about making adjustments to the Social Security system, unfortunately, much-needed change seems to be slow-moving.

Why is Social Security Reforming Important?

Social Security improvements need to happen because benefits are simply not enough. In fact, Social Security benefits have not been enough for a very long time. Unfortunately, no real progress has been made in solving this problem. Maybe the issue doesn’t sound that important to people who don’t count on these benefits to get by. Social Security has done a very poor job of keeping up with inflation and other costs. The so-called Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) does not actually increase benefits enough to meet rising prices. This is especially true for Americans over the age of 82.

How would this Congressional Bill Change Benefits?

The bill we call The Greatest Generation Benefits Act puts a plan in place to deal with the issue of inflation and ensure that Americans get what they have earned. Under this legislation, Social Security recipients over age 82 would receive an additional $85 per month (Far more than the COLA) and an extra 4 percent every subsequent year. This allows for anannual increases that that actually keep up with rising costs.

Is The Greatest Generation Benefits Act Going to Pass?

This important legislation is still requires congressional approval. We, of course, fully support this act and urge Congress to pass it. What we need, however, is your help. Your signature on our petition would go a long way. Furthermore, the more supporters we have, the more change we can create. Please share this information with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.