What Did We Learn From the Korean War?

Korean War Memorial
Via Pixabay

The Korean War was a very unique war and an important moment in world history. Looking back, it is often overshadowed by World War II and Vietnam, but the war and those who served in it should not be forgotten. Not only did the conflict change the world forever, it also provided some very significant lessons for the American people.

We Learned That Americans Were Still Ready to Stand Up and Fight  

In some ways, the Korean War seemed to come at the worst time. We were still weary from defeating Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan in the decade before. We didn’t want another fight, but war came regardless. The 1950s were a time of hope and progress when Americans wanted peace. When Communism threatened freedom around the world, however, brave Americans did not hesitate to enter the fight.

We Discovered How to Win a Different Kind of War

While it’s often called the “Forgotten War,” the Korean War was a real threat and a serious challenge for our service members. The enemy was hard to overcome but they were not the only threat. Those who served in Korea faced deadly weather conditions like nothing they had experienced back home while constantly under threat from a brutal foe. 

We Found a Forever Ally

To this very day, South Korea remains grateful for the Americans who preserved their freedom. While the path was hard, our involvement in the Korean conflict certainly gave us a forever ally. In fact, South Korea issues medals to Americans who served during the Korean War. Check out the award and how to claim it here.

We Determined That Democracy Will Live On

One of the most important things to take away from the Korean conflict is that when freedom is threatened, people will come together and fight for it. Those who fought for freedom around the globe deserve our undying respect.

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