Touring the Korean War Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C.

It is sometimes called the “Forgotten War” but the Korean War Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C makes sure that those who fought and sacrificed are remembered. Those who served bravely in this war experienced harsh weather conditions and an unyielding enemy. While the war is long over, we owe so much to these veterans today.

Of course, it is important to honor and respect these heroes. Most, however, may not have the opportunity to visit the Korean War Veterans Memorial in person. It is definitely worth the trip to see the impressive 7-foot statues honoring those who fought. Can’t make it to Washington? Check out the video below for a quick virtual tour and some interesting facts.

Via Youtube / Andy’s Awesome Adventures

We strongly support members of the greatest generation (those who lived through the Korean War and World War II.) This is why we are encouraging Congress to pass The Greatest Generation Benefits Act. This bill would change the lives of Americans age 82 and over. Learn more here, and please take a moment to sign our petition.