Many Veterans are Eligible for The Korean Ambassador for Peace Medal. Here’s How to Claim it.

The Korean Ambassador for Peace medal honors vets
Korean Veterans Memorial Via Pixabay

The Korean Ambassador for Peace medal is a special honor for Korean War veterans, but many may not have even heard of it. It is actually simple to claim this honor and, as reported here, applications for this medal have increased steadily since 2021. What exactly is this award about? This is a medal available to every American who served during The Korean War, both men and women, and applies to those who fought on the front lines as well as those in support positions.

Something else that makes this special is where it comes from. Generally, when we think of war medals, we imagine an award ceremony from the military or U.S government. The Korean Ambassador for Peace medal, however, is awarded by the South Korean government. It is a symbol of deep appreciation from those who remember the efforts of the U.S during the war.

The medal is available free of charge to all who served during the war, including those who participated in UN peacekeeping operations. Additionally, the medal can be awarded posthumously in honor of the heroes we have lost. This is a great way to honor those who gave so much during the Korean War. Learn more about this honor and fill out the free application here.

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