What Made the Greatest Generation Great?

A Couple Walking Down a Path
Image via Pixabay

Legacy Senior Living has a fantastic article on how the greatest generation earned the name Tom Brokaw gave them.

Momentous change, work ethic, frugality, sacrifice and honor define this generation.

They lived during a time of earth-shattering change. They endured the Great Depression. They fought and won World War II. The repercussions of these events still influence our daily lives.

It was during the Great Depression that the greatest generation developed the work ethic and frugality. This contributed to the post-war prosperity America experienced and built upon.

Last, but certainly not least, honor and sacrifice are essential to the very nature of this generation. They shed their blood in Europe and the Pacific. And, those who remained home “contributed to the war effort… [through] rationing and doing without some of the staples of daily living.”

We thank the greatest generation for all they’ve done. Now, they’ve earned a secure retirement. Congress must pass the bill we call the Greatest Generation Benefits Act to fully take care of these special Americans.