America’s Seniors Can’t Rely on Social Security

American seniors can't rely on Social Security
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Social Security is supposed to provide a safety net for retirees but if it doesn’t cover basic needs, is it really doing its job? Of course, the last few years have seen economic turmoil for all of us, but seniors seem to have gotten it the worst in many ways. Unfortunately, Social Security is not enough.

How Does Social Security Fail American Seniors?

Social Security benefits are not enough for seniors. It is impossible for most people to live on Social Security alone, and steadily rising inflation is only making things worse. Benefits have been low for a very long time, and Congress still has not taken significant action on the issue. While a yearly benefits increase is supposed to keep Social Security in line with the cost of living, the system does not properly account for things like high medical costs for seniors.

COLA Doesn’t Do Much Against Inflation

Social Security Benefits for older Americans have been unacceptably low for far too long. Even worse, the annual Cost-of-living Adjustment (COLA) has barely been able to touch inflation. With historic price increases over the last two years, many Americans are struggling. Unfortunately, even the significantly higher COLA in 2023 was not enough to keep up with rising costs. Something needs to change.

Can New Legislation Change Things For Older Americans?

The bill we call The Greatest Generation Benefits Act would bring a significant benefits increase to Americans aged 82 and over. This plan includes an additional $85 a month plus a 4 percent increase every year thereafter. We feel that this is the best chance for members of the greatest generation to get what they have earned. If you agree, please take a moment to sign our petition to Congress. Take a look at the results of our survey to see what others are saying about this important legislation.

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