The Greatest Generation Benefits Act is Life-Changing for Older Americans

The Greatest Generation
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The “greatest generation” refers to those who lived through and brought the country through WWII and the war in Korea. These great Americans sacrificed and gave everything they had for this country. During these challenging times, the nation came together and we overcame. We are a strong nation today because of the efforts of those who sacrificed in the past. We owe so much to the ones who are still with us, that we cannot stand by and let them be forgotten.

Why Do We Call Them The Greatest Generation?

During WWII and Korea, our military heroes fought for their country against unimaginable forces. At the same time, those who had the fortune to stay home made their own sacrifices. Many Americans gave up comforts, volunteered, and donated everything they could to help. It was a time when everyone stepped up. The country wasn’t divided by politics, but united by an American ideal. The generation was defined by Americans who put the greater good before individual needs and stood up for their country and for each other.

Are We Doing Enough For These Great Americans?

While these are the people who gave the most for this country, it seems that they receive the least. Many Americans find that they don’t have enough to live on after retirement. This is because Social Security benefits are not enough to meet the growing cost of living. Sadly, we have seniors who live in poverty due to appallingly low benefits. Even those who are not in such a dire situation are not getting what they earned. Social Security is not enough to live on alone and it does not reflect what these Americans have paid in. We do not think that those who spent their lives working should be stripped of what they earned in retirement.

What is The Greatest Generation Benefits Act?

We strongly urge Congress to pass the bill we call The Greatest Generation Benefits Act.

This legislation would change everything for many older Americans. Presently, Social Security benefits do not keep up with inflation. For example, the Cost of Living Increase for 2021 was only 1.3%. This is unacceptable. If this new bill is passed, seniors over the age of 82 would receive, an extra $85 a month plus a 4 percent increase every year going forward. This is a significant, and much-needed change. Learn more and sign our petition here to let congress know that you believe the greatest generation deserves more.

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