“The Forgotten War.” Remembering Korea Over 70 Years Later

It was a world that was not their own. Transported across the globe, young Americans just out of high school found themselves fighting a battle they were not prepared for. Though they were young and never imagined that they would be called off to war, these men stepped up and fought bravely. Those who were drafted did not choose the fight but did not back down from it. Black and white men from a segregated America stood together as brothers, and all who served did so with honor. Unfortunately, these heroes are known as veterans of the “Forgotten War.”

World War II and Vietnam captured the attention of the world for different reasons. The Korean War, in contrast, tends to hold a smaller space in the history books. This does not, however, take away from the service of these heroes. Korean War vets made great sacrifices and fought through hell. They deserve to be remembered for their actions. In the video below, a true American hero shares his story of service and sacrifice. Listen to this man’s story and take a moment to remember “The Forgotten War.”

YouTube / Mesa County Libraries

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