Social Security is Broken — This Legislation Could Fix Things for Retirees

Social Security retirement
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Social Security is a flawed system but a system many still rely on. For those who cannot live without Social Security Benefits, things need to change. Too many are trying to live on too little.

Social Security Benefits Don’t Go Far Enough for Seniors

Americans spend years planning for their retirement years. Sadly, when they reach this point in life, many find that they do not have enough to thrive after retiring. One of the main reasons for this is that we expect Social Security to go much farther than it does. These benefits are certainly not enough to live on alone. While working Americans contribute so much to Social Security, when it is time to collect, they find that they don’t get what they earned.

COLA Can’t Keep Up With Inflation

The Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA) is intended to offset inflation, but unfortunately, it can’t keep up. The very small annual increase has been almost a slap in the face to those who cannot afford their daily expenses for years. Furthermore, the extreme rate of inflation this year is driving costs so much higher and making life even more difficult for retirees. It is beyond time for a solution.

Americans Earned More and Deserve More

One of the biggest insults to come out of our retirement system is the fact that the American people can spend their lives working and sacrificing only to not get everything they paid in. Everyone who paid into Social Security should get what they earned. To make matters worse, Those who often suffer the most are those who gave so much for this country as members of the greatest generation.

Why We Need The Greatest Generation Benefits Act

The Greatest Generation Benefits Act is an important piece of legislation waiting on Congressional approval. If this act were passed into law, Retirees over the age of 82 would receive an additional $85 per month plus an ongoing 4 percent increase every year after. This would allow Americans to finally receive what they earned in retirement. Learn more about this important change and sign our petition here. For the latest updates on this and more, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.