We Need to Talk About the Nursing Home Crisis

Nursing Home Crisis
Via WikiMedia Commons

The nursing home crisis cannot be ignored. in 2020, the American Health Care Association and National Center for Assisted Living (AHCA/NCAL) conducted a survey of 953 Nursing Homes across the U.S. Their report showed that the industry was in serious danger due to financial and staffing challenges resulting from Covid-19

In the report cited above, the majority of respondents said that costs to hire new staff and pay overtime to their current employees made it nearly impossible to work within their operational budget. Since 2020, much has changed. While some things have improved, other issues have taken center stage.

Today, businesses have trouble maintaining adequate staff. Furthermore, rates of inflation are out of control. The new nursing home crisis is about finding staff for them and being able to pay enough in this economy. The challenges facing these facilities mean that many have already closed their doors and another 400 are projected to close this year. Hopefully, the necessary changes can be made to help end this crisis.

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