Korean War Vets Honored for Their Service in 2021

It has been referred to as the “Forgotten War” and many of those who served have not received the recognition they deserve. This recent event sought to change that. These Korean War vets were welcomed with a bagpipe procession and honored through speeches and a Korean War Veterans Day proclamation.

Knowing what these men went through, it’s unbelievable that it took this long to recognize them for their service. Of course, our Korean War vets should not be forgotten. However, all too often, we overlook their sacrifice. Fortunately, some take the time to organize events like this to remind them that they are remembered and appreciated. Check out the video below.

YouTube/Community Education Channel

While events like this are great to see, we can do more to honor those who served. Members of the greatest generation (Those who experienced WW2 and Korea) gave so much for this country. We, however, could afford to give a lot more in return. A congressional bill we call The Greatest Generation Benefits Act would directly impact these great Americans. Click here to learn more and sign our petition.