Hero Teen Saves Elderly Woman from Deadly Fire

Elderly woman saved from fire
Via GoDaddy

Dante Parker was walking home from his Aunt’s house when he saw something troubling. Sallie Gillam, an elderly woman asleep in her home, had no idea that a fire had broken out. The blaze started in her carport and was quickly spreading, filling her house with smoke. While she had no clue of the dangerous situation she was in, Dante acted immediately.

As reported by KTVE News in Sterlington Louisiana, Donte noticed the flames and immediately ran toward them. While Gillam was asleep in her bed, this heroic young man broke through a window to get her out before it was too late. Dante carried the elderly woman out of her home, no doubt saving her life. She ended up losing everything in her home, but she is still alive because of Dante’s selfless act. Check out the Full story and video from NBC 10 News.

It’s wonderful when older Americans like Sallie Gillam can rely on the help of people like Dante. While stories like this are great to read, we believe more can be done for seniors in our country. That’s why we support The Greatest Generation Benefits Act. Learn more about this cause and sign our petition here.