HACK ALERT: Millions of Social Security Numbers Stolen from T-Mobile Hack. How Can This Breach Affect Seniors’ Retirement?

T-Mobile hack
Via Pexels

Because of a recent T-Mobile hack, millions of Social Security numbers were exposed to criminals. The hackers successfully stole large amounts of data about T-Mobile customers including names, birth dates, Social Security numbers, and driver’s license information. Furthermore, approximately, 850,000 prepaid customers had their names, phone numbers, and account PINs exposed according to the company.

With Cybercrime and phone and internet scams becoming more and more common, it’s reasonable to worry and question how this can affect you financially. Stolen Social Security numbers can be used by criminals to open credit card accounts. They may also use them to divert or fraudulently collect benefits. Stolen Social Security information is a tool for criminals to commit various forms of identity theft. Read more about the T-Mobile Hack and how it could affect people across the country on Yahoo Finance.

Of course, any form of identity theft is troubling, however, Social Security fraud can be especially concerning. For Americans who spent a lifetime working and saving, having their livelihoods at risk is really unfair. While we can’t stop hackers and criminals from doing what they do, we are working to help many older Americans who rely on Social Security. We urge Congress to pass The Greatest Generation Benefits Act. This bill would improve benefits for seniors over age 82. Learn more and sign our petition here.