American Veterans Fought on Multiple Battlefields Only to be Sacrificed at Home

American veterans
Via Pixabay

American veterans fought and sacrificed for freedom at home and abroad. While these brave men and women gave so much, many have been given very little in return. From mistreated returning war vets to healthcare failures and low retirement benefits, there is a lot that doesn’t add up.

American Veterans Protected Our Freedoms Time and Again

American veterans fought Hitler’s and Tojo’s forces in World War II. They didn’t hesitate to enter the battlefield again to protect democracy from the spread of communism in the Korean War. In every conflict since then, one thing remains true. Brave Americans stand up and fight for the ideals that make this country great. These men and women have been the defenders of freedom worldwide. They gave so much and asked for little in return because they knew what they were fighting for. It seems sometimes that the rest of us may have forgotten.

Returning Vets Were Not Always Welcomed Home With Open Arms

While veterans from previous wars were typically celebrated as heroes, by the time Vietnam came around, things had changed. Vietnam veterans were often treated poorly and more like the enemy than like American soldiers. Returning vets were spat on, screamed at, and degraded. Many of them came home with deep psychological and emotional scars. These wounds often went untreated as society cast them away. Now, so many who served are struggling to afford their basic needs on low retirement benefits.

Some of America’s Greatest Heroes are Neglected in Retirement

Older Americans, many of whom are war veterans are struggling with low Social Security Benefits. The fact is that Americans can’t afford to live on Social Security alone, and inflation has only made matters worse. We believe that passing a bill we call The Greatest Generation Benefits Act is crucial to giving America’s heroes what they deserve in retirement. Learn more and sign our petition here.

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