Covid-19 Kept Elderly Couple Apart. After 200 Days, they Reunite in Touching Video

Joseph and Eve met at a skating rink when they were still in high school. Today, they have been married for over 60 years. It’s a beautiful story, however, Covid-19 presented them with a new obstacle. While many residents in assisted living communities were not able to see outside family for the past year, Joseph and Eve, who live in the same facility, were not even able to see each other.

Due to recovery from a medical procedure, and Covid-19 precautions, Joseph could not be in the same room with his wife for the past 215 days. Fortunately, after completing his rehabilitation, the two reunited in this touching video. In the scene below, you can see clearly what true love looks like as these two embrace after 7 months apart.

YouTube/ ABC News

This story is certainly heartwarming. Seeing this beautiful older couple is also a reminder of who we are working for in our support of the bill we call The Greatest Generation Benefits Act. This bill would be life-changing for Americans over age 82. To learn more and help, check out our petition.