Could Today’s Generation of Young Americans Win WWII?

World War II
Via WikiMedia Commons

When we talk about the heroes of the era of the greatest generation, it’s hard not to picture them as larger than life. It is important, however, to remember that many of them were only teenagers when they served. This begs the question, could today’s younger generation do what their great grandparents did during WWII?

It’s an interesting question considering the vastly different worlds these generations were raised in. Most notably, Gen-Z was born and raised in a world of smartphones and social media. Teenagers in the 1940s didn’t even have TV.

Young people in the 1940s sacrificed greatly for the war effort, and most did it without question. There are countless stories of those who left high school early or missed important events like graduation and prom to serve their country. Would today’s youth do the same?

Some would argue that today’s teens are too preoccupied with social media and television to step up. But recent years have shown that American youth today are more than willing to stand up for causes they believe in.

The world is no doubt a different place in the 21st Century, and it’s hard to say what would happen if the younger generation in America were to face a global conflict like the Second World War. What’s important to remember is that the American spirit that emerged during the Revolution and carried us through WWII is still alive in today’s youth.

We must not make the mistake of dismissing the young voices in our country. They could be our future heroes. At the same time, we can not ignore the actions that earned older Americans the title of “the greatest generation,” whose courage, selflessness, and sacrifice in the name of patriotism, democracy, and humanity have served as examples to those who came after them down through the decades.

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