Forgotten Heroes — Why Korean War Vets Deserve More Recognition

Korean war veterans
Via Pixabay

The Korean War was a defining moment in American history that left a lasting impact on the world. It’s odd that such an important conflict is sometimes referred to as “The Forgotten War.” We must, however, remember the sacrifices of those who served.

The war that raged from 1950 to 1953 on the Korean Peninsula could have been viewed as a struggle between North and South. It was, however, far from merely a civil war. The world as a whole would be a different place today if troops from more than 40 countries had not stepped up in the fight against communism.

Many of these troops were young American men who went directly from high school to the battlefield. They fought a deeply entrenched enemy in an unfamiliar land. They faced temperatures unlike anything back home.

Korean War vets experienced hardships that many of us cannot imagine while risking their lives for democracy around the world. We cannot let these heroes be forgotten.

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