It’s a Fact That This Action Star is also a Korean War Vet. Do You Know Who He Is?

Action star and martial artist
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A living legend, he starred in numerous films where he always played a tough guy who was not to be messed with. He also spent several seasons kicking bad-guy butt on TV, demonstrating his real-life martial arts expertise. You might not know that this American action star was also a veteran of The Korean War. Do you know his name?

He was Born Carlos, But That’s Not the Name You Know

Born in Oklahoma on March 10, 1940, Carlos’ life got off to a rocky start. His 18-year-old mother spent seven days in labor and when he was born, his skin was blue because his lungs weren’t pumping. Thanks to the life-saving efforts of doctors, he started breathing normally as he would later outline in his autobiography “Against All Odds.”

The Korean War Helped Him Become the Action Star We Know Today

At the age of 17, Carlos wanted to join the Navy, but his mother wanted him to finish school instead. Ultimately, he ended up going into the Air Force following his graduation. After basic training, he was sent to  Osan Air Base in South Korea. It was here that he began a pursuit of martial arts that would become a lifelong career. Discovering the Korean art of empty hand fighting “Tang Soo Do,” he would become a World Champion.

Who is This Famous Veteran?

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While going through basic training, Carlos’ fellow Airmen gave him a nickname. It clearly stuck. Carlos Ray Norris is better known to most of us as Chuck. That’s right, action star Chuck Norris is a Korean War vet. Did you know? Well, if you want to learn more about his life and military service, check out the article here.

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