WWII Cargo from Sunken Warship has been Washing Up on the Texas Shoreline — Check Out the Strange Story

WWII Cargo washes up on Texas Shore
Via Pixabay

Something strange has been happening on Texas shores. Beachgoers may be used to seeing interesting things wash up on the sand, but this is a little different. It might be normal to see the occasional sea turtle, or a starfish, and of course an assortment of seashells. WWII cargo, however, is not what most expect to see!

Padre Island National Seashore recently discussed the mysterious cargo in a Facebook post. The surprising rubber bales have actually been landing on Gulf beaches since 2020. But their origin is much older.

These decaying bits of cargo are actually from a German ship that was sunk by the U.S. off Brazil’s coast during World War II. The cargo stayed at the bottom of the ocean from 1944 until recently. Read more about this unusual story on Yahoo Life.

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