WW2 Vet Reflects on Life at 100

Lynn Rachel is a WW2 vet and a hero. He is also proud to have just celebrated his 100th birthday. While he has lived a long life, he didn’t expect to be around as long as he has. At his 100th birthday celebration, Lynn commented that he didn’t expect to make it to 80.

Considering that he served on the front-lines of World War 2, his life had many close calls. He fought bravely and earned his share of metals. One of the most cherished mementos he brought back from the war, however, was the lucky playing card he carries with him to this day.

Whether it’s the luck of that card or Lynn’s determination, we are happy that this hero is with us to celebrate 100 years. Take a look at the video below and learn more about his service and his reflections at 100 here.

Youtube: WFMY News 2

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