World War 2 Hero Honored as Port Washington Post Office is Renamed in his Honor

A World War 2 hero was recently honored in a wonderful way, as reported by TMJ4 News. Nothing, however, can repay the sacrifices he made. Joe Demler’s story is truly one of a kind. Not only was he a war hero, but after his military service, Joe worked for the United States Postal Service for 37 years. His hard work and dedication were examples of the kind of person he was.

Demler passed away last year at the age of 94, but his life is still an inspiration to many Americans. He fought during the Battle of the Bulge and was captured by enemy forces. He gained worldwide noteriaty when his photo landed on the cover of Life magazine. The disturbing image featured Demler emaciated in a Nazi POW camp.

This one image was crucial in showing people around the globe the realities of World War 2. It was heartbreaking, and yet an important reflection of the war, the enemy we faced, and the perils and sacrifices of those who served. Do not, however, mistake Joe for a victim or sympathetic character. The strength that he had to survive and to return home was truly impressive and has inspired many.

Recognizing his heroics on the battlefield, sacrifices overseas, and continued service at home, an act of Congress officially renamed the Port Washington post office building as “The Joseph G. Demler Post Office.” A ceremony was recently held to unveal the newly named building and to honor this great man. Check out the full story in the video below.

Youtube TMJ4 News

We are so glad to see that Joe Demler is receiving this honor and that his memory is being kept alive. We also believe that more needs to be done to give back to all those who gave so much during World War II and Korea. This is why we are urging Congress to pass The Greatest Generation Benefits Act. This bill is so important for so many older Americans. learn more and sign our petition here.

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