Why the Legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. is so Important Today

Martin Luther King Jr.

Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. is an extremely important part of America both in the 1960s and today. Of course, he was a hugely influential figure and played a significant role in the revolutionary 1960s. We cannot, however, ignore the lasting impact of this great man.

Gone far too soon, Dr. King’s 1968 assassination was a blow to both the civil rights movement and the notion of a peaceful and unified America at the end of a challenging decade. His death was heartbreaking, senseless, and changed the course of our country. We should not, however, let his death overshadow his life.

Dr. King was the voice of change in the 1960s. Beyond this, however, he was also a voice of unity. His call for all Americans to come together strengthened his demand for change and racial justice. Change does not come from weakness, but it also is not the product of hate. He knew that his dream would only be actualized through effort that embraces both strength and love.

Few have ever embodied the dual nature of compassion and strength quite like Dr. King. Unfortunately, in 2023, we see more division and hate in our country once again. Today could not be a better time to look back at King’s teachings, his dream, and his hope for our future. Let us not only remember him but reflect on how his work can inspire us to move through today’s challenges and make a better tomorrow.

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