Congress Must Pass The Greatest Generation Benefits Act

Seniors need Congress to Pass The Greatest Generation Benefits Act
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It is far beyond time that Congress pass The Greatest Generation Benefits Act. This vital piece of legeslation would positively impact the older Americans who gave so much for this country.

Why Older Americans Are Struggling

It’s no secret that many in this country have been struggling since the Covid-19 Pandemic and the economic turmoil that followed. Inflation hit us all hard, but members of The Greatest Generation have suffered the worst. With the high costs of healthcare, rising prescription prices, and Medicare premiums for seniors, this group has been hit especially hard.

How The Greatest Generation Benefits Act Would Help

Fortunately, there is proposed legislation that could help turn things around for American seniors. A bill we call The Greatest Generation Benefits Act would change the way Social Security benefits impact the lives of seniors. This legislation would provide an immediate boost to benefits to Americans over the age of 85. Furthermore, it would guarantee a significant increase every year after. Learn more about our efforts to pass this bill into law here.

Will Congress Act?

As clear as it may seem that America’s seniors need this legislation, Congress has failed up to this point to take the needed steps. While they may feel like there are more important things to focus on, the fact is that Americans are suffering and need help. Will the new 118th Congress step up and do what’s right?

How You Can Help

Older Americans need change and they need it soon. To accomplish this, however, Congress needs to see that the people support it. The majority of people understand this needs to happen. We even shared the results of our nationwide survey with Congress to prove it. However, we still need help showing that Social Security reform is a priority. You can help so much by signing our petition. Tell Congress it’s time!

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