What’s Wrong with Social Security?

Piggy bank Social Security problem
Via Pixabay

Social Security is an important benefit for many Americans. It truly is life-saving for those who rely on it. The program, however, is not without problems. In fact, the system seems to be broken and seriously in need of a fix. 

The interesting thing about the Social Security problem is that there is not much debate about its existence. Many issues become partisan with one side denying the issue. In this case, however, voices from left and right of the political aisle have consistently expressed alarm over the health of the system. 

There have been concerns for years about funding Social Security. Many have also worried that benefits are shrinking. There is serious uncertainty about the future of Social Security, but there is more to it than that. While the future of the Social Security system is of great importance, the present is even more concerning.

While we worry about benefits shrinking or the system not being there for future generations, we need to remember those who rely on these benefits now. The most pressing problem with Social Security is that recipients are not getting enough and are not getting what they earned.

We believe that Americans should get what they earn in retirement. If you feel the same, check out what we are doing to help create change here.

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