Watch this Touching Video as a WW2 Veteran Receives an Emotional Reminder of His Past

One WW2 veteran received a surprise in the mail that took him back to somewhere he hadn’t been in over 70 years. Now, far from the front lines of war, this American hero still holds the memory of his days serving in the U.S Navy.

Such an important time in history, of course, is not easily forgotten. For those who lived through it, however, these moments are not just memories, but a part of who they are.

In the video below, we see a man brought to tears at the sight of something important from his past. Check out the video to see the emotional reaction of this WW2 veteran to a beautiful and touching surprise.


It is so important to remember those who served during WW2. In fact, those who lived through World War II and Korea both on the front lines and on the homefront, are some of our greatest heroes. That is why we support a bill we call The Greatest Generation Benefits Act which would give back to these great Americans. Learn more and sign our petition here. For the latest updates, follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook.