Those Who Gave the Most Get the Least in Retirement

A veteran holding a flag during Memorial Day ceremonies
Image via Pixabay

Right now, the greatest generation — those who gave everything for our country — seem to get the least during their retirement. They survived deep economic troubles and they won World War II and the Korean War. It’s never been more important to pass a bill we call The Greatest Generation Benefits Act.

If passed, this bill will give retired Americans age 82 and older a monthly raise of $85 and a 4 percent annual benefits increase. This would be a federally guaranteed increase to ensure benefits keep up with the cost of living.

The greatest generation built America into the country it is today with their blood, sweat, and tears. There’s no doubt our elected representatives should be taking better care of them.

We must honor and protect the generation that sacrificed so much. Passing The Greatest Generation Benefits Act is our opportunity to do just that. We need help from those of you who care and are willing to stand up for older Americans who deserve better.

Let your voice be heard by writing your Congressional representative through your Congressman’s website. Furthermore, please sign our petition calling for the passage of The Greatest Generation Benefits Act.

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