Survey says…It is Time For social Security Reform.

Survey Social Security Reform
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It is no secret that Social Security reform is overdue. To ensure that retirees get what they earned, a significant benefits increase needs to happen soon. The Greatest Generation Survey results Show clearly that the majority of Americans support this change. It is certainly good to see that our mission has so much support. It is, however, unfortunate that Congress still has not taken significant action to bring this much-needed change. Public opinion, however, obviously falls on the side of change, as we see below.

Survey says…

  • Only 5 percent of those surveyed said that they believe the COLA of the past few years has been enough for seniors.
  • Over 93 percent responded in favor of passing The Greatest Generation Benefits Act.
  • 92 percent of respondents are in favor of increasing Social Security Benefits for Seniors age 82 and over.
  • Only 10 percent said they believe Congress is doing all they can for Americans over age 82

Will Social Security Reform Become Reality?

Numbers don’t lie, and these numbers show that the American people are ready to see real change in Social Security benefits for older Americans. This is an important part of passing Social security reform. Public opinion fuels legislative action. Members of Congress need to know how the American people feel about this important issue. This is why we have made our survey results available to them. Check out the full Greatest Generation survey results here.

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