Social Security Retirement Benefits are Not Enough For Seniors

Retirement benefits
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Social Security should help seniors to live comfortably after decades of working. These retirement benefits, however, are not enough for older Americans to live on alone.

Why Seniors Don’t Receive enough Retirement Benefits from Social Security

The problem with Social Security is that benefits do not keep up with inflation. While annual COLAs (Cost of Living Adjustments) are intended to address this issue, they fail to do so. Unfortunately, these increases are very minimal and are not enough for the needs of the average senior. The COLA for 2021, for example, was only 1.3%. This is far less than what our seniors need and what they have earned.

How The Greatest Generation Benefits Act Would Increase Benefits

Older Americans who rely on Social Security should not have to struggle after spending years of their lives working and sacrificing. It should not be a challenge to afford both food and medication. And those who don’t rely on Social Security still deserve the money they earned. The increase under a bill we call The Greatest Generation Benefits Act would allow seniors the financial security that they earned.  This legislation would give seniors 82 and over an additional $85 a month plus an increase of 4% every year after. This change would provide older Americans with the financial resources they need and deserve. While this change would help greatly, there is still work to be done to make it a reality.

How to Create the Change Older Americans Need

To make this important change happen, we are calling on Congress to pass this bill immediately. This is a lifeline our seniors need, and it can’t wait anymore. To get things moving, we need more Americans to stand up and speak out in support of The Greatest Generation. Together, it is possible to change the lives of these great Americans who are now counting on us. Please sign our petition and spread the word on Facebook and Twitter. And please feel free to send us a message!