Protect the Financial Security of Older Americans

A man
Image via Pixabay

Social Security has been in the news a lot recently. Talk of payroll tax deferrals – even cuts – further heightens a sense of uncertainty for Social Security.

Americans age 82 and older deserve financial security. They deserve to know their Social Security will continue to be there for them. They need The Greatest Generation Benefits Act.

The Greatest Generation Benefits Act guarantees retired Americans the financial security and retirement protection they deserve. It also implements a benefits increase and a COLA of 4 percent every single year. These improvements to Social Security will be set in stone. Seniors will know they can count on the Social Security system they paid into all their working lives.

Americans from across the country must band together and call on Congress to pass The Greatest Generation Benefits Act. That’s why The Greatest Generation has launched our petition drive.

Please CLICK HERE to add your name to the list of Americans who support The Greatest Generation Benefits Act. We must protect the financial security of older Americans.