Korean Embassy Pays Tribute to Moroccan Veterans Who Sacrificed Their Lives During the Korean War

Korean Embassy honors Moroccan veterans
Via Pixabay

You probably don’t hear “Korea” and “Morocco” in the same sentence too often. However, the two countries share some rather important history. Recently, the  Korean embassy raised the issue of Moroccan veterans who sacrificed their health and even their lives during the Korean War. These are heroes who have not been properly honored.

The embassy embarked on a mission along with the Diplomatic Foundation and the High Commission for Former Members of the Resistance and Liberation Army to identify Moroccan Korean War veterans and their descendants. After identifying some of these important men, the embassy held an event honoring their sacrifice. Check out the full story on Morocco World News.

The Korean War is often referred to as “The Forgotten War.” Unfortunately, so many of these veterans do not get the recognition they deserve. We are always happy to see the “forgotten” veterans honored. We’re working to encourage Congress to pass legislation we call The Greatest Generation Benefits Act. Learn how this change would give back to so many great Americans here.