Why We Must Never Forget Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor Memorial
Via Pixabay

On December 7, 1941, the world changed. As the stage was being set in Europe for a new world war, Americans were living peacefully with little fear of attack. Although the possibility of war remained ever-present, no one expected what came next. When the Imperial Japanese Navy attacked Pearl Harbor, the nation was in shock. No one imagined that such a thing would happen. We were not prepared. Japan’s attack resulted in massive military losses. In the span of an hour, many Navy ships were sunk including four battleships, one ex-battleship, and one harbor tug. Additionally, three destroyers, three cruisers, and three other ships took significant damage along with 188 aircraft that were destroyed and another 159 damaged.

While these losses were devastating to our forces, the more important loss was the loss of life. The brutal attack left 2,335 dead and another 1,143 wounded. The loss was tragic, but while we mourn death we must remember to also celebrate life. This is not a story of victims. It is a story of heroes. Although no one anticipated the attack on Pearl Harbor, those who were stationed there reacted without hesitation. Our service members fought bravely on this day and showed what the American spirit is about. When remembering what happened 79 years ago today, remember more than the attack. Remember those who stood up and fought for their fellow man. Remember the country uniting for a cause. Most of all, remember the greatest generation.

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