100-Year-Old Minnesota WWII Veteran Shares Some Thoughts

Minnesota WWII veteran
Via Pixabay

A Minnesota WWII Veteran shared some interesting thoughts after turning 100. Her longevity is impressive, however, her story as one of few living female WWII vets is even more inspiring. When asked about her experience, she had a lot to say.

Dorothy Lassig of Stewartville, Minnesota, is one of roughly 10,000 female WWII veterans still living. She was stationed in Key West, Florida, where she served as a pharmacist’s mate third class in the U.S. Navy.

Lassig demonstrated strength as a female serving in a male-dominated military. Overcoming gender politics of the 1940s, however, was not the only hardship Dorathy faced and overcame.

She told Fox News about living through the Depression, experiencing Pearl Harbor as an American, and personal challenges from childhood on. She went from being abandoned by her parents as a child and raising her three siblings, to serving her country and celebrating her 100th as a hero.

Dorothy did have some things to say about Today’s generation, however. While she respects members of the younger generation who serve (including her grandson) she said many young people today need a little “more backbone.” See what all this one-of-a-kind Minnesota WWII veteran had to say here.

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