Chinese American WWII Veterans Honored with Congressional Medal

Chinese American WWII Veterans served bravely and deserve recognition. Unfortunately, their contributions are often overlooked. While many war heroes of the time have been recognized with medals and ceremonies, these particular vets face some additional challenges. Namely, The U.S government does not have extensive records of all the Chinese American WWII Veterans that served. In recent years, more programs have been created to connect these veterans with the medals they earned.

In December of 2020, for example, 20,000 Chinese American veterans collectively received the Congressional Gold Medal in a virtual ceremony. All living veterans and the families of those who have passed can apply for a replica medal here. It is important to understand and remember what these brave souls did for this country. Even though many of these veterans were denied citizenship due to laws at the time, They stood up to fight. In fact, Chinese Americans fought in every theatre of war.

Their contribution was great, however, their recognition came late. These great service members, unfortunately, did not receive the honor they deserved at the time. It is wonderful, however, to see them honored today. Click here to learn more and to watch the full digital award ceremony. We honor all those who served. Follow The Greatest Generation for more stories like this. Find us on Facebook and Twitter, and be sure to share with friends and family.

YouTube / Rick Quan