Members of the Greatest Generation Earned More than they Receive

Members of the greatest generation
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Members of the greatest generation fought and sacrificed for this country. Unfortunately, now during their retirement, they receive little in return. While Social Security benefits are intended to provide for older Americans, they are not enough. These great Americans deserve better.

Why Members of the Greatest Generation Deserve Better

During WWII and Korea, our country came together like never before, and never since. While brave Americans fought overseas, families at home made their own sacrifices. As World War 2 was raging, families rationed, and saved, and gave everything they could for the war effort. From the soldiers on the front lines to the women who stepped into new roles when their country called, everyone did their part.

Why Social Security is Not Enough

Social Security is presented as something to care for us all after retirement. Of course, we would like to believe that it can. However, the reality is that many Americans expect these benefits to be more than they are. This is quite a shock when retirees realize that Social Security benefits don’t actually meet the cost of living. Prices continue to rise and benefits can’t keep up. The annual COLA isn’t even enough to match rising medical costs. Seniors cannot live on so little, and should not be expected to.

How a Change to Social Security Helps Older Americans

Clearly, something has to change. The bill we call The Greatest Generation Benefits Act is the change older Americans need. This legislation would dramatically increase benefits and give seniors what they have earned. Under the current system, seniors received a 1.3% cost of living adjustment in 2021. This is not even half of the average medication price increase in January alone. If this new bill passes, seniors over the age of 82 would receive an extra $85 per month plus a 4 percent increase every year.

We urge Congress to pass this important legislation. You can help call on our elected representatives as well. By signing our petition, you let Congress know that you support our mission to give back to those who gave the most. Please sign today and share on Facebook and Twitter.

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