How World War II Shaped America

How World War II shaped America
Via Pixabay

World War II changed the world immeasurably. In many ways, the ripple effect of the war is still felt today. For many younger people, it may seem like something from the history books. It may even seem like something of fiction in a way. After all, generations of Americans mostly know about the war from movies like “Saving Private Ryan.” The reality, however, is that World War II changed the country forever.

Of course, we can not sing the praises of the brave soldiers who fought in the war enough. The horrors that these men saw in battle are unimaginable. The mental and physical strength it took for these Americans, many of whom were barely out of high school, to do what they did is unbelievable. They put themselves at great risk, and many of them never made it home.

It wasn’t just the soldiers overseas, however. Heroes on the homefront sacrificed in their own ways to preserve freedom at home and abroad. The large number of men off fighting left a serious hole in the American workforce. Women stepped into the workforce to keep the country moving. Meanwhile, everyone saved and rationed for the war effort. Ultimately, everyone back home came together as real heroes.

It was this aspect of heroism that helped to shape our country. In an unprecedented time when freedom was in the balance, Americans came together and changed the world while being changed by it. This is why those who lived through these times are called “the greatest generation.” Had they not made the sacrifices they did, America would not be the same — if it even still existed.

Thanks to the sacrifices of these great Americans, we are able to breathe free today. That is why we support a bill we call The Greatest Generation Benefits Act. Learn more about this important legislation here. For the latest updates, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.