How The Korean War Changed History

Korean War history
Via WikiMedia Commons

The Korean War was an important time in American history. Furthermore, it was extremely significant to the world as a whole. Coming on the heels of World War II, the conflict in Korea was part of another global issue with massive implications.

For Americans in the 1950s, North Korean aggression was a clear threat to the newfound prosperity of a decade moving on from WWII. The country had experienced a great depression and worldwide conflict leaving its citizens hopeful for a brighter future.

Economically, things were going great. Culturally, we saw new inventions, new ideas, and a shift toward civil rights in America. Things were on the upswing for a nation still wounded by the ravages of war. When the war in Korea began, however, fear of another worldwide struggle grew.

While the fear was very real, brave men and women stepped up just like they had against Nazi Germany. Had these heroes not answered the call, the course of history would be much different.

As North Korea stamped out the last flame of democracy in the area, this would likely have been the beginning of a much larger global conflict leaving behind a world unrecognizable to us today.

Thankfully, we don’t have to live in the world that could have been, because our heroes stepped up to protect freedom again. We are eternally grateful and that is, in part, why we support The Greatest Generation Benefits Act. Learn how this legislation would give back here.

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